Getting your school started on the YES course 


There are three simple steps towards enrolling your school on the YES course. All the school needs to get started is a space large enough for the students to practice!


Step One

Option One: A qualified YES teacher can come to teach at your school on a weekly basis.

Option Two: A one year accredited yoga teacher training course with Francesca Quaradeghini is offered and the subsequent qualification will allow a committed member of the school staff to teach yoga both independently, as part of an affiliated yoga body, and will also permit the teaching of the YES course at their school. This course will involve learning the mechanics of the body through yoga practice, understanding the principles of the practices, learning sequencing of movements, appropriate practice, specific considerations and contraindications, safety in practice, learning relaxation, meditation and breathing techniques alongside mindfulness and group dynamic practices. It will place emphasis on personal development and specific teaching techniques for differing age groups. YES then offers one workshop per term to ensure the teachers are continuing to immerse themselves in the principles of the practices.

Step Two

The YES course is a one year course, beginning in the September term, comprising of four six week components taught once a week in class at the schools by a YES qualified teacher to the schools pupils.

YES sends a six weekly focus package to the teachers to offer them specific guidance and support with that month’s classes, themes, ideas and structures of/ for the classes. Every participating student receives a ‘getting off on the right foot’ starter pack that comprises the YES manual in dvd, audio and written format, a yoga mat yoga bag, block and strap and beginners belt.

Step Three

There are eight grading colours: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, purple, white.

Grading is held at the end of each six weekly component.

By the final white grade, students will be able to do a safe and conscious, supportive yoga and meditation self-practice. Grading takes place at the end of each six week term, when an evaluation grading of the students takes place: an independent YES examiner will attend and observe specific details of safe practice in the grading to establish if students are practising with awareness and have learnt the premises taught throughout each 6 week component of the course.

There is no pass or fail in the grading, only feedback and coloured belts that serve to bring awareness to correct skeletal alignment of the hips in postures and ones ability to practice consciously.

Grading is NOT offered in summer / examination term, when students can optionally be taught additional modules that encourage relaxation, breath work or meditation techniques and a supportive attitude to help with an already demanding exam workload.

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