What training do the YES teachers undergo?

Our teachers are all qualified yoga and meditation teachers and are fully trained in the YES course. It is a year long course, 200 combined hours of teaching, theory and practice specifically to teach children, teens and adults.  We insist that our teachers have a regular (daily) meditation and yoga practice.


What about insurance?

Our teachers are individually insured and also insured through the schools that they attend. However, great emphasis is placed on the responsibility of the students to be aware of their limitations and practice accordingly. Yoga is a practice of personal responsibility and thus also personal liability.

What about child protection?

All our teachers are DBS certified (the new CRB) through the schools that they attend. On their YES teacher training they also pass a thorough ‘Safeguarding and Welfare of Children’  module in compliance with child protection guidelines so that they are aware of and able to deal with any child welfare concerns.


What about children with special needs?

Our teachers are happy to include all special needs in yoga classes and pass a module specifically designed within their YES Teacher Training Course to know how to adapt a practice for individual and group requirement.


Is it a religious practice?

Yoga and meditation are absolutely non denominational and benefit all. The YES course is devised as a technical manual of practices to help enhance our physical, emotional and mental experience of the every day and emphasis is placed on these deeply beneficial aspects of the practices. If a participant is religious, elements of that faith can of course be incorporated into their personal practice, this is at the individual’s discretion.


What size are the groups?

Any number of students may participate in a group class. There is no limit to the number. Intimate numbers provide a unique forum and large groups can create dynamic group energy to each class, both bring their own reward.



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