What Our Clients Say…

"There is nothing that offers such an acute emotional sense of yourself than yoga. I found new abilities and passions, the students are all friendly people and you get largely encouraged and always praised for at least trying. Francesca is the most wonderful person, full of such wisdom and humour, she doesn't block herself as a yoga teacher because she becomes your friend. Yoga helped me open my eyes and look at the world in a refreshing new light."

“New abilities and passions”
Charles Sutton - Year Ten Student, Burlington Danes School

"Yoga with francesca makes me feel relaxed after a long day at school. Every session is different and before we can relax we work hard on various postures and the benefit is instant! Francesca is a great, friendly teacher, who caters for everyones needs and abilities!"

caters for everyones needs and abilities!
Pippa Fisher, Teacher, Ark Academy school

"Doing yoga with Fran really helps me unwind and de-stress at the end of a busy day. Fran is relaxed, experienced and brings her sense of fun to the lessons. She adapts every lesson to the needs of the class, and often seems to intuitively know what we need that day! I have been recommending her course to everyone - she's great!"

“Really helps me unwind and de-stress at the end of a busy day”
Laura Armstrong, Teacher, College of North West London

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